2.1. Registration


There are no files to download and update, everything required for extended functionality already exists in the main application. If the plug-in is not registered, it works in DEMO mode - you can do everything,

but you will not be able to import more then 5 items at once. In order to unlock its functionality, you have to purchase appropriate license and register this extension.

Registration requires a license key. See Knowledgebase articles regarding registration issues. You can reset addon's license (due to hardware change etc) in the same way as the main software license.

QuickBooks Integration registration:

  1. After purchase, all customers receive an email notification with registration information. You may find License Number (Regcode) there.
  2. Open "Preferences" and activate "Addons" tab to see the list of available Addons and their information. The addon is unregistered now.

Unregistered addon

Possible registration statuses:
    1. Unregistered     - extension is working in DEMO mode
    2. Registered     - addon is registered and fully functional
    3. Verifying...    - software is checking registration information

 3. Click on registration status, QuickBooks Integration registration window will appear. Enter License Key and click the OK button:

Registration key

Store Manager will check License code and return Addon status. 

Quickbooks verifying

If activation is successful – you will see green color text “Registered”.

 Registered status

QuickBooks Integration addon is registered.

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